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Fencing Materials


Commercial and residential fences and gates can be made from a number of different materials. Each product has pros and cons which include material and installation costs as well and maintenance requirements. Below are the typical fence materials that On Guard Fence can install for you after working with you to determine the best product for your application and budget.



Fencing Materials made from Vinyl can look like natural wood or painted fencing, and it comes in many different textures as well. Because vinyl is colored solidly throughout, you don’t need to touch it up if there is a knick or chip.

It is also a man made material, so it can’t rot, warp, or become infested with insects. It also is stronger than wood, so it won’t snap easily.

Although vinyl can last much longer than wood, it is also more expensive. If you are a person that hates staining every year, then the expense could be worth the time you spend repairing wood and staining or painting.

Vinyl fences can be built to look like a common wooden fence, or with the boards forming a solid “wall”. A solid style is great for privacy but does run the risk of being knocked down in a high wind area. Those that live in a windy area might want to build a fence with some space between the boards.

Vinyl can also look like a ranch style post and rail, which is really cool for that homestead look.

Chain Link:

The most used fence system in the world is chain link fencing.  It is also the most economical and sturdy. Chain link fencing material is extremely flexible in it’s applications from commercial to residential use.

Families with small children and pets are more secure with chain link, and also easier on the wallet for young families.

A chain link fence is easy to see through, which makes it harder for trespassers to break in to homes without being noticed by the neighbors. Because of this many homeowners with small lots in urban areas choose this style.

Because if it’s affordability, many property owners with 1/2 an acre or more of land use this type. It can also help them protect livestock.

If privacy is an issue, you can customize your fence with slats. Slats can be made of wood, polyethylene or wood. Chain Link Slats can be inserted in many ways for different looks; horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and come in many customizable colors.

The fence itself comes in many colors with a durable coating that prevents rust. Coating comes in many colors to choose from so the fence adapts to the surroundings. The most used colors besides traditional metallic coating are green and black.

Knowing what you want your fence for is a big part of your decision. Here’s a short checklist:​

  • Safety from trespassers

  • Safety for Children or pets

  • Pool Protection

  • Privacy

  • Longevity

  • Low maintenance

  • Aesthetic

  • Protect a garden

  • Protect livestock



Wrought Iron and Aluminum fencing materials are both beautiful aesthetically and is a prestigious style. Used correctly it can highlight a beautiful landscape.

Because pickets are so far apart, it’s not a good choice for privacy. Pickets that are too wide can be a danger to small children or pets but a screen can be attached for added safety.

You can customize your look by using rings, scrolls, rails and finials. Pickets can also be customized. wrought iron and aluminum fencing come is a variety of styles and some standard colors.

Wrought Iron is a good choice if safety from trespassing is a priority because of it’s superior strength. Hand wrought, and usually hot dipped to protect against rust, it is a natural material not harmful to the environment.

Despite superior anti-rust treatments available, it may not be a good choice for homes near the ocean. Wrought Iron is very beautiful, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Ornamental Aluminum can made from 100% recycled material. According to industry standards, 70% of ornamental aluminum material should be recycled. Aluminum is more affordable because they are made with tubular bars that are prefabricated instead of hand wrought.



Different types of wood are chosen by price and regional availability as well as aesthetic coordination with your home. You may want to choose they type of wood that is native to your area, not only for price but also because it will compliment the environment. If you have a wood deck, you’ll want to choose a similar wood to compliment each other.

How to Decide?


There are many material options available for commercial and residential fence applications. Let On Guard Fence help you make the right decision by comparing the material and installation costs for you, the maintenance and durability of each product, and general suitability for your specific project. Please contact us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment to review and quote your project.

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